DogeHeist Introduction

Welcome to DogeHeist - By Heisty (Doge's naughty cousin)

Heisty is here to entertain us and keep our adrenaline levels to the max.
As the story of Doge continues, Heisty decided to steal her cousin’s throne and become the superstar of Crypto!
Heisty will rob banks on a daily basis and will share his pray with the population of HeistVille (aka our community).
Heisty is the renegate cousin of the infamous Doge.
Kabosu (Doge), the female Shiba Inu, is a pedigree dog who was sent to an animal shelter when her puppy mill shut down.
After the puppy mill incident, Heisty decided to grab the world by the balls and create a name for himself by becoming a modern Robin Hood.

Moving on

Let's see how DogeChain is changing the game.
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